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Patent Pending Drug for Artherosclerosis

       Merck & Co, Inc., in collaboration with Arena Pharmaceuticals, is taking a patent pending drug into Phase One of a clinical trial (PharmaLive, January 25, 2008). Merck’s second generation niacin receptor agonist is a combatant to artherosclerosis.           Will the patented drug enter the market?      ... Read More

Patent Revocation: A Significant Risk?

    I posted the information below in a separate blog I run for people interested in non-medical patents. However, I thought it would be of use to this community as well.       The question being discussed is how ‘at-risk’ patent holders are for having their patents revoked. And the short answer is…very little.       . T... Read More

A Patent-Pending Patent Protector?

How are you imbuing authenticity within your product's concept? When an idea is innovative enough, being first is itself the strongest voice of authenticity.

Patent Approved for Hythiam’s Alcohol Treatment Program

Interest in the mind-body connection in particular is a trend that has continued to grow over the last several years, and you can see this in patented products in virtually every category, including fitness, publishing, alternative health practices, the expansion of nutraceuticals into even our soda, etc.

Patent Opportunity Indicated in Psychosomatic Illness

The focus on how our psychological impacts our physical health is a trend that continues to gain momentum in medical communities and in the general populace. It occurs to me that patent opportunities are abundant in this area in the form of products and patented regimens that might improve our mental outlook.