Patent Opportunity Indicated in Psychosomatic Illness

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Patent Opportunity Medical Community1      The focus on how our psychological impacts our physical health is a trend that continues to gain momentum in medical communities and in the general populace. It occurs to me that patent opportunities are abundant in this area in the form of products and patented regimens that might improve our mental outlook.


       One such area of opportunity is in combating chronic anxiety, according to recent research, which was reported on by today’s edition of the Florida SunSentinel online (January 7, 2008, The American College of Cardiology published the research, which indicates that "chronic anxiety can significantly increase the risk of a heart attack. Men are reportedly at greater risk.


       While medicine is prescribed to keep cholesterol low and diabetes under control, a researcher at the New York University School of Medicine in commentary about the study said that all too often "we don’t look at the psychological aspect of a patient’s care." She urges doctors to look beyond traditional risk factors to see where what’s going on in a patient’s head might be impacting their heart. For the full study, click here.


       I believe an understanding of the mind-body connection is a trend that will continue to grow and represents a tremendous opportunity for the budding medical and health minded inventor. I look forward to seeing more products that can help people tackle issues at their source, and I will post additional information here as I come across it. As always, if you have an idea you’d like to pursue I’m happy to discuss it with you at no charge — 866.433.2288.

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