Wireless Charging in Medical Devices Becoming a Valued Feature

Wireless Charging in Medical Devices Becoming a Valued Feature
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For inventors of medical devices, it can be deeply gratifying when an invention improves the patient experience, bringing relief that can be psychological as well as physical.

In a recent article published on Machine Design, Rehana Begg pointed out how electrical cords and wires on medical devices can produce anxiety for patients who are already in a state of discomfort and fear.

Wired medical devices can also limit a patient’s mobility. Being tethered to a machine can be isolating and contribute to depression. On the other hand, a wireless device can make all the difference, allowing a patient to retain some, if not all, of their independence.

Powermat Technologies develops wireless power solutions and inductive charging technology, and they’ve entered the medical device space to help cut the cord on patient discomfort, limitations and anxiety. They’re joining a market that’s driven in part by a growing attentiveness to patient-centric care. According to the B2B research group MarketandMarkets, the IoT medical devices market is expected to reach $92.4 billion by 2026 (from $26.5 billion in 2021).

Read more about how Powermat is taking medical devices to the next level, and get further insight into how medical devices with wireless capabilities are bringing a new level of compassion and convenience to the patient experience.

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