Patent Pending Drug for Artherosclerosis

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MedicalPatentNews       Merck & Co, Inc., in collaboration with Arena Pharmaceuticals, is taking a patent pending drug into Phase One of a clinical trial (PharmaLive, January 25, 2008). Merck’s second generation niacin receptor agonist is a combatant to artherosclerosis.


        Will the patented drug enter the market?

        According to Arena Pharmaceuticals’ President and CEO Jack Lief, so far, so good. ThisMedicalPatentNews1 particular trial is part of a larger collaboration between Merck and Arena to discover patented ways to treat artherosclerosis and other disorders. While a recent investigation of MK-0354 broke down in the preclinical trial phase, Lief remains optimistic about the progress they’ve made with this new drug.


       Artherosclerosis accounts for the greatest number of cholesterol-related deaths. So, it makes sense that Merck wants to contribute with drugs aimed at its demise. As a Florida patent attorney, I see pharmaceutical companies racing to market with ever new and innovative solutions to patient ills.


        A great deal of money is spent on patenting drugs that ultimately fail before reaching the market. You might wonder if its worth it. Ask the pharmaceutical companies, however, and the answer is a resounding and emphatic "Yes!" Financial market analysts agree. Patented brand name drugs net huge returns.


        And, as a Florida Patent Attorney who watches the business and financial worlds closely, I can attest to the fact that patents are the driving force behind profits in each and every category.

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