A Patent-Pending Patent Protector?

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medical patent       Applied DNA Sciences has filed multiple patent applications for technologies that serve to protect the authenticity of patented branded products (Medical Patent News, January 23, 2008). The technology works within hand-held scanners, which optically read their "SigNature DNA," a coding embedded by Applied DNA Sciences.


    As a U.S. Registered Florida Patent Attorney, I find this concept interesting. The idea behind it is preserving the authenticity of our patented products. And, authenticity is a key element in medical patents and, for that matter, any kind of patent. In the medical field, for one, we know that drug patents are among the most highly prized and valuable patents you can hold.


    Think of authenticity as a broader platform in the medical community. What brands of supplies, pharmaceuticals, and equipment do you trust most? Which feel, as the Coke slogan goes, like "the real thing"? No doubt others in the medical field feel strongly about particular (patented) brands.


    Patients, too, find comfort in brands they know and trust. Are you in the process of inventing something for use by medical staff? By patients? How are you imbuing authenticity within your product’s concept? When an idea is innovative enough, being first is itself the strongest voice of authenticity.


    In this vein, you can see why patenting is so important. So, I’m interested in Applied DNA Sciences’ hopefully soon-to-be-patented authenticator. And, interested in seeing of others are as interested in authenticity as I am.


    If you’re interested in authenticating your medical invention with a patent, contact me at 866-433-2288 or JohnRizvi@IdeaAttorneys.com.

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