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Medical Patents – Windfall Opportunities and Innovation from Wisconsin

Think medical patents couldn't derive from a place known largely for its cheese? The University of Wisconsin-Madison begs to differ, and the students who flock to their biomedical engineering program from all over the country agree. Taking an unusual experiential approach, UW-Madison sets itself apart by offering students the opportunity to solve real-life clinical issues through research and desi... Read More

Medical Patents: Can We Reduce Side Effects in Prostate Cancer Patients?

Medication accounts for a great majority of medical patents, though every medication has its side effects. There's no doubt medicine is saving lives and yet there are clear medical patent opportunities to minimize the risks associated with them. The main difficulty, as you in the medical community may be aware, is that medication is designed to handle a specific issue within the body. However, eve... Read More

Medical Patent Opportunities in Knee Joint Protection

According to Claudia Wallis, knee replacements surgeries will increase by 525% by 2030 (CNN Health, March 6, 2008). As a U.S. Registered Patent Attorney, I recognize the opportunities this figure represents in the various ways the medical community could help people prevent need for the surgery or handle life afterwards as appropriate.

Warning for Patents Using Persulfate

Medical patent attorneys and patent holders/seekers: Beware if you are using persulfate.

Medical Patent Seekers Breathe Sigh of Relief

(HealthTech Wire, February 11, 2008) Medical patent seekers--and patent seekers in other communities for that matter--are relieved by the rejection of section 4 of the Patent Reform Act of 2007, which would have limited penalties for patent infringement.