Patent Approved for Hythiam’s Alcohol Treatment Program

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Medical Patent AttorneyAs a Florida Patent Attorney, I track the news relevant to innovators in the medical field and post them here in my blog. Rather than straight reporting, one of the things I do is to give you insights you can use in your own innovations. For instance, today I read that the U.S. Patent Office has issued a patent for Hythiam Inc.’s PROMETA® alcohol and chemical dependence treatment program. I’ll give you the scoop on what their patent covers, but I’ll also point out the larger health trends the patent links to with the aim of spurring on your own ideation development.


First, the scoop.


According to an article at (Business Wire, LA, January 10, 2008) PROMETA® is a patented treatment program designed for healthcare providers with patients dependent on alcohol, cocaine, and methamphetamine independently or in combination. It’s a holistic treatment program that incorporates nutritional supplements, psychosocial/other therapies chosen by the patient and her treatment provider, and FDA-approved medication given orally and intravenously, which are "separately administered in a unique dosing algorithm."


As with any treatment program, PROMETA® was developed with the goal of "sustained recovery," What makes it patentable is partly the specifics of the integrated approach and partly the integration itself, which comes at alcohol and chemical addiction from disparate perspectives: the psychology of the individual on his own and in regard to his social environment, his physical health and potentially associated nutritional deficiencies, and a medical/pharmacological perspective.


And, herein lies the insight.


This treatment program fuses three macro cultural trends: 1.) An increasing emphasis on the mind-body connection; 2.) an underlying belief that no one perspective is universally "right;" and 3.) a belief that success with patients is borne partly in their own sense of responsibility and involvement.


Interest in the mind-body connection in particular is a trend that has continued to grow over the last several years, and you can see this in patented products in virtually every category, including fitness, publishing, alternative health practices, the expansion of nutraceuticals into even our soda, etc.


So, looking at the innovation you’re currently or considering working on: Do any of these trends factor in? Could/should they? Or, is there another macro trend evident in your design? Honing in on a trend at play in the larger culture is a way of sharpening your idea and its development. I’m always looking for ways larger cultural trends impact and push forward innovation and would love to help keep the good ideas going with patents and trademarks that protect original, ingenious thinking.


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