Medical Patent Seekers Breathe Sigh of Relief

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medicalpatentattorney11   (HealthTech Wire, February 11, 2008) Medical patent seekers–and patent seekers in other communities for that matter–are relieved by the rejection of  section 4 of the Patent Reform Act of 2007, which would have limited penalties for patent infringement.


In response to last week’s letter from the Department of Commerce explaining their agreements and disagreements with the Patent Reform Act, general counsel for the Advanced Medical Technology Association Christopher White issued a statement applauding the rejection of section 4."AdvaMed applauds the Department of Commerce’s continued support for a strong patent system, which allows America’s medical technology industries to innovate tomorrow’s life-saving, life-enhancing treatments." White continued, speaking out against the language in the Patent Reform Act, which he (and many others) believe would "reduce the incentive to innovate" and "may actually encourage patent infringement."

https://www.medicaldevicepatentattorneys.comIn describing the importance of the role of innovating in the medical field, White described the medical technology industry as a "highly innovative" one that "brings tremendous value to patients through short life-cycles and rapidly improving technology." He further explained that even tiny innovations can "significantly advance the safety and effectiveness" of a particular medical device.


https://www.medicaldevicepatentattorneys.comAs a medical patent attorney, I’ve seen the difference small improvements to medical technology and devices can make. Moreover, as an ardent supporter of continual innovation, I, too, am relieved that the patent system will retain its integrity and strength.

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