Medical Patent Opportunities in Knee Joint Protection

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Photo Morgana / Corbis    According to Claudia Wallis, knee replacements surgeries will increase by 525% by 2030 (CNN Health, March 6, 2008, Photo Morgana/Corbis). As a U.S. Registered Patent Attorney, I recognize the opportunities this figure represents in the various ways the medical community could help people prevent the need for this surgery or handle life afterwards as appropriate. The increase is partly attributable, it seems, to the earlier onset of osteoarthritis (age 65 as opposed to 70) coupled with a desire for these younger older citizens to remain active.


    It also brings to mind the undeniable fact that, as Baby Boomers are now nearing retirement, this population segment will explode in the years to come. This, of course, means that there will be an increased need for medical products, supplies, and services designed to keep up with the needs. Moreover, as the aging population increases, so too will the opportunity to acquire a medical patent. Attorneys involved in patenting, as I am, should be on the lookout for medical patents geared toward the elderly, tracking ideas as they develop, so that we can astutely advise our medical patent clients of the degree to which their ideas are/are not patentable.


    Wallis also reports that the number of hip replacements will "more than double, rising from 285,000 to 573,000," which further increases the need to fortify and support aging bones. Moreover, as obesity is indicated as a high risk factor, promoting healthier lifestyles is another source of opportunity. Should you find yourself in need of a medical patent attorney, feel free to call me at (866) 433-2288. I handle other areas of patent law, but have particular expertise in this regard.

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