Warning for Patents Using Persulfate

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Medical Patent Attorneyhttps://www.medicaldevicepatentattorneys.comMedical patent attorneys and patent holders/seekers: Beware if you are using persulfate.


https://www.medicaldevicepatentattorneys.comAccording to an article in the Los Angeles Times on February 26, 2008, the FDA has issued a warning that some consumers are allergic to their denture cleaners. More specifically, the culprit appears to be a bleach called persulfate, present in most denture cleansers. Seventy-three people were ill, and one person died after using their dental cleaner, even those who’d never before–in years of use–exhibited allergic reactions. While some of the reactions were attributed to misuse, others were in response to typical, approved usage.


https://www.medicaldevicepatentattorneys.comAs a medical patent attorney with clients who use a variety of chemicals and ingredients in their products, I want to share this information with anyone considering persulfate in their formulations. Additionally, I cannot help but think of the opportunities this unfortunate turn of events may hold.


https://www.medicaldevicepatentattorneys.comLikely, denture cleansers will have to be reformulated without persulfate. And, in the context, of increasing consumer allergies, there may well be an opportunity to create more natural alternatives in this category. If anyone has an idea in this or another regard, I’m happy to provide this medical patent attorney’s perspective. (866) 433-2288.

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