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Warning for Patents Using Persulfate

Medical patent attorneys and patent holders/seekers: Beware if you are using persulfate.

Medical Patent Seekers Breathe Sigh of Relief

(HealthTech Wire, February 11, 2008) Medical patent seekers--and patent seekers in other communities for that matter--are relieved by the rejection of section 4 of the Patent Reform Act of 2007, which would have limited penalties for patent infringement.

Biotech Medical Patent Up For Auction

If you are interested in securing an existing medical patent, IPAuctions has one ‘for sale.’ Sedum Laboratories, Inc.’s founder has recently passed away, and the company has decided to sell its primary patent for Ionically Formulated Biomolecule Microcarriers (USPTO Reg. # 6,645,525). The patent covers a cost-efficient drug delivery technology that can "encapsulate and relea... Read More