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Medical Device Patent News of the Week

Recent medical patent approvals show that technology continues to advance and simplify healthcare. There is also proof that inventors, engineers, and companies are aware of growing health trends and concerns. These medical device patents reflect a forwarding thinking concern for both patients and physicians.   Sanovas, Inc., known for its work in micro-invasive technology, has obtained a pate... Read More

Medical Device Patent News for November 14

The latest advancements in the medical world include devices that are focused on invasive, internal uses of technology to limit surgical trauma and improve the function of implanted instruments. These accomplishments have recently received medical device patent approvals and are well on their way to changing the look of modern medicine.   Soulor Surgical, a collaboration of Dr. Roger Brecheen... Read More

Medical Patent Stories of the Week

Time’s Up for Patents on Drugs Pharmaceutical companies are facing a wave of patent expirations starting this year through 2014. Exacerbating the problem is new competition from generic drugs…and…shrinking new drug approvals from the FDA. Full story here – Pharmaceutical Company Patents Expiring Patenting Issues to Blame? Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announces execution ... Read More

Going Toe To Toe With Medical Device Giants

Here’s an inspirational story (or a warning) for anyone holding a medical device patent. A privately held maker of blood-testing equipment for diabetics, has fended off attacks from behemoths Abbott Laboratories ( ABT – news -people ), Roche ( RHHBY.PK – news – people ) andMedtronic ( MDT – news – people ) for 8 years at a cost of $31 million! Full Story Here &#... Read More

When Simple Is Better…A “Medical Device” that Prevents a Certain Type of Asthma?

If you think you need to patent a wildly complex invention to make boat loads of money in the "medical" field, think again. Sometimes simple is better. Take for example a story I came across while thumbing through the recent issue of Popular Mechanics. A Medical Device for Prevention The Popular Mechanics article says… "Tile-setter Joel Beaton spent 17 years inhaling dust from... Read More