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Recent medical patent approvals show that technology continues to advance and simplify healthcare. There is also proof that inventors, engineers, and companies are aware of growing health trends and concerns. These medical device patents reflect a forwarding thinking concern for both patients and physicians.


Sanovas, Inc., known for its work in micro-invasive technology, has obtained a patent on its nested balloon catheter. It is part of a treatment system that allows for diagnostic testing and therapeutic treatment. The catheter allows for a more localized delivery of drugs. This is particularly critical in cancer treatments due to the potential toxicity of chemotherapy tissues surrounding the tumors. The use of the Sanovas balloon catheter has the potential to positively change the treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases by limiting any additional harm to the patient.


Tissue Regneix Group responded to the rapidly growing number of patients with renal and coronary artery diseases with the development of its patented accellular arteries products. These will advance the treatment and use of dialysis and bypass grafts. Currently, arteriovenous grafts received by those suffering from renal disease have a high failure rate after the first year. The company’s goal is to use their new medical device to extend the life of the grafts needed by dialysis patients.


Electrochem Solutions, Inc. has added another medical device patent to their portfolio. A company that was founded on the lithium battery invented for implanted pacemakers, Electrochem continues to engineer solutions for longer, more stable forms of battery power. This latest patent incorporates the internal packaging of battery packs and its systems. It improves the life cycle and the ability for these power sources to withstand extreme environmental conditions. These innovations acknowledge the importance of medical power sources and their life-saving roles.


Timedyne, Inc. recently received a medical patent for several laser devices to be used to treat multiple health conditions. The company is actively involved in completing the clinical trials. Its goal is for their laser technologies to soon be part of treatments and surgeries in the United States and internationally. The lasers have the potential to replace some traditional surgeries with less expensive and minimally invasive outpatient procedures.


MMRGlobal, Inc. has obtained another patent for their technological advancements in personal health records and eHealth records. The company is quickly accommodating the demand on all sides for a shared network of health information among various medical facilities and personnel. The benefit of a patient’s doctors having a full medical history, including allergies, blood work, medications and treatments could be life-saving. MMRGlobal and their medical patents are working to ensure this need is met.

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