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The Biggest Medical Patent Opportunities for the next 100 years?

A few years back a friend of mine had surgery on his knee to repair a torn ACL (the main ligament in the knee). They put him under. Two hours later when he woke up there were three tiny incisions – no more than half an inch long. Today, you can’t even see the scars. Twenty years ago surgeons would run a scalpel from the top of your thigh halfway down your shin. And this scar would be v... Read More

Top 5 Medical Patents from TIME’s 50 Best Inventions of the Year

The November 22 issue of TIME magazine contained an article any future patent holder would love. The 50 Best Inventions of the Year showcased everything from flying cars to mosquito killing lasers. Here are the best medical patents from the Time Top 50. Medical Patent #5: Used Cars for Babies Premature babies have a new ally…junkyards. The NeoNurture incubator utilized old car parts to make ... Read More

Going Toe To Toe With Medical Device Giants

Here’s an inspirational story (or a warning) for anyone holding a medical device patent. A privately held maker of blood-testing equipment for diabetics, has fended off attacks from behemoths Abbott Laboratories ( ABT – news -people ), Roche ( RHHBY.PK – news – people ) andMedtronic ( MDT – news – people ) for 8 years at a cost of $31 million! Full Story Here &#... Read More

When Simple Is Better…A “Medical Device” that Prevents a Certain Type of Asthma?

If you think you need to patent a wildly complex invention to make boat loads of money in the "medical" field, think again. Sometimes simple is better. Take for example a story I came across while thumbing through the recent issue of Popular Mechanics. A Medical Device for Prevention The Popular Mechanics article says… "Tile-setter Joel Beaton spent 17 years inhaling dust from... Read More