Top 5 Medical Patents from TIME’s 50 Best Inventions of the Year

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The November 22 issue of TIME magazine contained an article any future patent holder would love. The 50 Best Inventions of the Year showcased everything from flying cars to mosquito killing lasers. Here are the best medical patents from the Time Top 50.

Medical Patent #5: Used Cars for Babies

neonurture patentPremature babies have a new ally…junkyards. The NeoNurture incubator utilized old car parts to make functioning incubators for newborns. Headlights for heat, a dashboard fan blows air, and it can even be powered by a motorcycle battery. Finally, something useful for a Yugo.

Medical Patent #4: Life

Putting shame to the billions of years it took life to emerge on planet Earth, J. Craig Venter has managed to create life in just 15 years. Using simple off-the-shelf chemicals, Venter managed to reconstruct the genome of a bacterium that divides and replicates just like any other bug. Gloom and doom science fiction writers, sharpen your pencils.

labgrownlungs patent1Medical Patent #3: Great News for Smokers

Mixing blood vessels, collagen, stem cells, nutrients and a little science, researchers have created the lifelike tissue that exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide just like normal lung tissue. Starting with a skeletal rat-lung, the lab grown lungs are powerful to assume 95% of a normal lung’s inhaling and exhaling functions. Smokers around the world are encouraged not to hold their breath waiting on human implants.

Medical Patent #2: Replacement for the Wheelchair?

The makers of eLegs exoskeleton have designed an exoskeleton that may help paraplegics to walk again. The exoskeleton is composed of robotic prosthetic legs that use artificial intelligence to mimic a natural human gait. The wearer controls the machine using two crutches. Could this be the first step in a real Iron Man suit?

Medical Patent #1: Made to Order Organs

organ printer patentImagine if you could print yourself a brand new heart as easily as you could a weekly status report. That’s exactly what San Diego based companies Invetech and Organovo plan will happen with the 3-D Bioprinter. Based off of decades old dot-matrix printer technology, the printer has two printheads – one sprays out a gel that forms the shape of the desired organ…the other fills it in with living cells. Imagine a new liver custom made for you in a week. Alcoholics rejoice!

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