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How to Ensure the Success of Your Dental Patent by Treating Disease

A new patent-pending mouthwash may solve the needs of 25 million consumers. And at $10 a pop, this could be a brand new $250-$500 million per year industry. If you have an idea for the dental field, then following this company’s advice could be your golden ticket. Patents on Dental Products I just finished reading a web article on Dentistry IQ – click on the link for the dental patent ... Read More

How Medical Research Leads to New Patent Ideas

A new patent pending medical device – based on scientific research – proves even simple innovations to existing products can be very lucrative. Surgical masks haven’t changed too much since 1918. It was the year of the Spanish Flu pandemic, and surgeons adopted cotton gauze masks during surgery to protect themselves from patient diseases. The interest in masks as germ barriers wa... Read More

Organics Continues to Provide Patenting Opportunities

As these researchers, other scientists and medical practitioners, and entrepreneurs in areas far afield show us, organic solutions are solutions we can use and, in some cases, vitally need. Look into your own field of expertise--what uninvented organic solution might advance our bodies' abilities to develop and/or function? I, for one, would love to know, and, from what I've seen, the world would,... Read More