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Medical Patent News of the Week

As a medical device patent attorney, I take a special interest in news and commentary relating to medical patents, dental patents, and related technology.  In this regard, below is a recap of medical patent news for the week: Five Medical Patent Applications for Lymphoma MMRGlobal filed five patent applications to treat lymphoma. They include protection for anti-CD20 antibodies, methods ... Read More

CDEX’s Medical Patent Offers Industry Increased Security

It's hard to imagine a broader category for medical innovation than that of safety. CDEX has certainly made a big business of this, and maybe you can, too.

Medical Patent Opportunity in “Skin Cell Therapy”?

Researchers at the Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research in Massachussetts are conducting intense research to discover a safe way to turn skin cells into stem cells. Partly, this is to skirt around the ethics controversy surrounding the use of stem cells and partly it reflects the ready abundance of skin cells.