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The Top Five Medical Inventions from ‘Shark Tank’ Success

Shark Tank Medical Inventions “Shark Tank,” a highly rated show featuring startups and product innovators pitching their products to some of the most successful entrepreneurs of today, is perhaps one of the most invigorating opportunities for today’s startups. It’s all about taking your idea and making it big. Take a look at five of the show’s biggest successes in the medical and health industry. ... Read More

4 Incredible Inventions in the Med Tech Industry that Sound Like Science Fiction

Electronic eye Some recent breakthroughs in medical technology are astounding. The firms that created these innovations are working in areas that seem like science fiction, yet these inventions are real. The products coming from these innovations are likely to change health care significantly. Here are a few of the most interesting recent developments in medical technology: Medication Delivery by Implants Intarc... Read More