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When Simple Is Better…A “Medical Device” that Prevents a Certain Type of Asthma?

If you think you need to patent a wildly complex invention to make boat loads of money in the "medical" field, think again. Sometimes simple is better. Take for example a story I came across while thumbing through the recent issue of Popular Mechanics. A Medical Device for Prevention The Popular Mechanics article says… "Tile-setter Joel Beaton spent 17 years inhaling dust from... Read More

Medicine, drugs, genes and the death of a patent niche?

Inventors pursuing medical patents involving genes should listen to this… On October 29th, the federal government reversed a longstanding policy by saying that human genes are part of nature and therefore cannot be patented. While the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is not changing its rules for the time being, this decision may reverse the nearly 30 year old legal precedent of patenting pa... Read More

CDEX’s Medical Patent Offers Industry Increased Security

It's hard to imagine a broader category for medical innovation than that of safety. CDEX has certainly made a big business of this, and maybe you can, too.