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Patented Cervical Artificial Disc Revolutionizes Spinal Injury Recovery

Picture1 A new medical device called Simplify® recently received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This device is a cervical artificial disc meant to serve as an implant for people who whose existing cervical disc have become too narrow, causing pain in their spinal cord. This implant is placed into a patient’s spine through cervical disc arthroplasty, which originally began to ... Read More

Medical Innovations That Are Changing the Course of Healthcare

Picture1 Technology has come a long way in the past hundred or so years, as artificial intelligence, computers, and advanced imaging have brought new ways of thinking to the medical world. Today this innovation and invention seems so commonplace that we may not realize the impact it has had on the world of medicine and humanity. The COVID-19 pandemic also forced pharma and healthcare to grow by leaps and b... Read More