Stem Cell Patent Awarded for Medical Device Recently Featured On National Geographic

Stem Cell Patent - SkinGun
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Both innovation and intellectual property protection are reflected in a recent stem cell patent awarded to RenovaCare for its SkinGun device which sprays an isolated concentration of stem cells from the patient’s own skin onto wounded areas of the body.

This simple idea backed by stem cell research “allows victims of severe burns to heal in merely days” said the inventors of the medical device which was featured in a recent National Geographic documentary.

Interestingly, it resembles the the famous particular-beam gun used by Captain Kirk in the popular Star Trek TV series.

The isolated cells include cells that proliferate rapidly in order to achieve quick re-epithelialization. This is the stage at which a burn is technically considered “healed” and patients are often discharged.

According to the news reports, the average person would recognize this healing phase as the point at which the wound develops a thin, shiny, pink-colored protective layer.

The device is an radical improvement over traditional processes which involve surgically removing large sheets of healthy skin from the patient. The sheet is punctured in a grid-like pattern to form an expandable mesh.

Surgeons then pull this mesh as wide as feasible and surgically stitch this skin to the patient’s wound. The procedure, which can be painful, creates an additional wound at each donor site and results in poor cosmetic outcomes, often with scarred and deformed skin.

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