A Medical College Dropout Strikes It Big With His Invention

Alex Gomez - Medical Inventor
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One of my early clients recently sold his medical venture for over $100 million to Meditronic, completing a remarkable journey from college dropout to millionaire entrepreneur.

You can read about Alex Gomez and his early device called D-HELP which revolutionized the world of laparoscopic surgery on The Patent Professor blog.

When everyone doubted Alex, he held fast and showed a remarkable tenacity to solve problems creatively even though he went heavily into debt to finance his invention.   If you read the article in the link above, you will see he first relied upon cheap parts from China before finding more elegant solutions to the medical device problem.

“If you have a good idea, expect everyone (except your mom) to doubt it will work or to find a good reason it will not,” said Alex.

“Don’t assume that everything has been invented already. Just because there are patents out for something similar does not mean that there is no longer a market.  Why is yours different and why is it that patents issued never became commercially successful?

His million-dollar payout did not happen overnight but it proves once again that in America inventors can still be successful if they solve common problems bigger companies have failed to spot.   You just have to ignore the naysayers and stick to your guns!


















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