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Five Movies About Medical Inventors and Patents you Should Watch!

Movies about inventions - Lorenzos Oil Movies entertain, they inspire, and they force us to take a moment away from our own lives. Here are five movies about medical inventions and their inventors to inspire those that are pursuing their own inventive processes. “Lorenzo’s Oil” (1992)- this movie follows the creation of Lorenzo’s oil, an oil combination that is a 4:1 ratio of oleic acid and erucic acid that is e... Read More

Top 5 Medical Inventions of the 20th Century

antibiotics patent and invention Despite the increasing cost of healthcare and the controversies surrounding health care reform and medical device taxes, medical technology companies are more focused than ever when it comes to developing products that will improve the quality of patient care. Here are the top five medical inventions of the 20th century according to leading industry pundits. Development of Antibiotics In the early... Read More