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Medical Device Patent News

The latest news in medical device patents includes technological advances in cardiac care. Seimens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. has patented a new medical ultrasound pressure gradient measurement. This measurement is used to better serve cardiac specialists in quantifying and monitoring varying activities and anomalies of the heart.

Additional strides have been made by Medtronic in supporting existing cardiac technology. The Patent Office recently approved their medical device patent for a passive charging system that is capable of using wireless systems to recharge the batteries of implanted medical devices. This allows patients with pacemakers and internal defibulators to recharge their implants with greater freedom. It is also expected to positively impact patients with other forms of internal electrical devices.

Other companies are focusing on a different arena. Ulthera, Inc., a growing company in ultrasound technology, has been granted a medical device patent for their Ulthera System, which uses ultrasound engineering to treat hyperhidiosis, a condition characterized by overactive sweat glands. Their system is used to treat the overactive glands. This technology has also been approved for other aesthetic purposes.


Similarly, CoolTouch, Inc. has added to their list of medical device patents with their CoolTouch CoolLipo Trio laser system. It has been approved for the use of thermally induced tissue molding. It uses laser energy to heat tissue underneath the skin, allowing for reshaping of the area. The company holds additional patents for laser treatments on fat and cellulite.

New patents for dental devices are also being approved. An international patent has been approved by the United States for a device and process that is used to better measure the relationship between the teeth and jaw bone. This advancement, claimed by the King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, is easier to use than traditional x-rays to determine and treat conditions resulting in defective teeth and jaw problems.


MediPurpose is another example of international advancement in medical devices. Its babyLance heelstick has been patented in both Japan and Singapore. The outlook for patent approvals from other countries looks very promising. The infant heelstick has been designed to benefit both the baby and medical personnel. It has been created to be more ergonomic, with a secure grip and faster activation mechanism.

These improvements allow for the incision to be made more easily and with less impact on the tender nerve endings of the infant. MediPurpose manufactures and distributes various medical products and is expected to continue to bring their advancements to medical communities worldwide.


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