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Medical device patents continue to show the full range research and technology are having on modern medicine. The latest patent approvals include those that affect imaging, cancer fighting therapy, treatment of life threatening aneurysms and interbody devices.

Positron Corporation has received medical device patent approval for their semiconductor detector. This medical device is used to map coordinates and detect ionization particles. It has multiple uses, particularly that involving medical imaging. This device is small, sturdy and requires low voltage, allowing it to bring down the cost of imaging procedures.

Aethlon Medical, Inc. and its patented Extracorporeal Removal of Microvesicular Particles are hoping to make great strides in fighting cancer. This medical device removes immune suppressing particles that are secreted by cancerous tumors. These particles kill the body’s immune response, allowing the cancer to grow. This medical device is able to stop the production of these particles and allow the body to fight cancer growth, particularly during treatment.

Sequent Medical, Inc., a company focused on catheter-based neurovascular technology, has made great strides in the treatment of intercranial aneurysms. It acquired a medical patent for their braiding mechanism and its methodology. This lets medical devices with fine writing to increase porosity and radial compliance. The MicroBraid technology is being used in the WEB Aneurysm Embolization System and allows doctors to treat aneurysms that did not conform to other treatments.

Acacia Research Corporation has recently patented their stent graft technology. The company is active in other medical advancements. Their patent portfolio includes various medical devices and diagnostic research.

SpineSmith and has been given a medical device patent for their VisuALIF. This lumbar interbody device makes the grafting aspect of fusion surgeries less complicated for surgeons. SpineSmith is focused on regenerative medicine and is awaiting approval from several similar patents. The VisuALIF has been a popular tool for surgeons since it achieved FDA approval in 2010.

Titan Spine and been granted a medical patent protection for competitive interbody devices. This patent protects against patents given to other companies that involve interbody devices that would include roughened surfaces, hollow center access, and antiexpulsion edges. Titan Spine now able to protect its innovations, such as nanoFIX Surface technology, and current pending patents in this specific area of medical devices.
USPTO Issues Patent to Positron’s Solid State Sensors
Aethlon Medical (AEMD) Announces Issuance of Cancer Therapy Patent
Sequent Medical, Inc. Awarded U.S. Patent for MicroBraid Technology
Acacia Subsidiary Obtains Patent for Stent Graft Technology
SpineSmith Receives U.S. Patent for VisuALIF Lumbar Interbody Device
Titan Spine Receives U.S. Patent for Competitive Interbody Devices

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