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Medical Patent Device Drives Video Game Evolution

Here is a tried-and-true way to increase your chances of success with your patent. First, take something that is working in one field. Next, add a little twist that will make it a success in another market. Sometimes this is as easy as wrapping cardboard around a coffee cup and coming up with a new insulator (yes, that is patented). Other times the technology is not quite as obvious in its applica... Read More

New Shape to An Old Medical Patent

For decades heart surgeons have used stents to prop open veins and arteries after angioplasty surgery. Now, a new medical patent aims to help keep the “flow” open in other areas of the body as well. Allium Medical Solutions Ltd. – developer and manufacture of site-specific stents – has just been granted a patent by the Japanese Patent Office for stents used to treat enlarge... Read More

The One Letter Medical Patent Mistake

 Patents give you 20 years of exclusive ownership of your idea. That means no one else can sell your idea…no one else can manufacture your idea…no one else can import your idea.  And if they do, you can sue the pants off of them (sometimes getting as much as 3 times the damages from them as well as reimbursement of your attorney fees). But that’s only if the p... Read More

Medical Patent Stories of the Week

Time’s Up for Patents on Drugs Pharmaceutical companies are facing a wave of patent expirations starting this year through 2014. Exacerbating the problem is new competition from generic drugs…and…shrinking new drug approvals from the FDA. Full story here – Pharmaceutical Company Patents Expiring Patenting Issues to Blame? Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announces execution ... Read More

Patenting Medical and Dental Innovations

A few months back I spoke at the Florida International Medical Exposition on patenting medical and dental innovations. I’d forgotten about the event until a recent gentleman called into our office and said he saw my medical patent video on YouTube. Here is the video of my speech.