Medical Patent Opportunities in Bloodless Solutions

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medicalpatentattorney    (Los Angelos Times, February 4, 2008) Medical patent opportunities for "bloodless solutions" have been actualized in a wide range of medical devices in technology. With patients increasingly concerned with the risks associated with transfusions, the trend appears to be growing.


    And, it’s backed by a growing number of medical practitioners. In fact, the L.A. Times reports that approximately 125 hospitals currently offer bloodless or transfusion-free programs, compared with only 35 in 1994. As a medical patent attorney, I was interested to read of the various ways patient and physician concerns have translated into medical patent opportunities in new and innovative devices and techniques.


    Blood conservation is of particular emphasis, and a variety of techniques are being used to minimize the loss of blood that occurs as a result of many illnesses. Additionally, current medical patents exist for "innovative medications" that meet the same purpose. Surgical devices, too, have been devised and patented to stop the loss of blood during surgery.


    Threats of infectious disease may be a leading factor in the trend, but a number of other transfusion-based risks run along side it. Allergies, for one, are a concern; patients can have mild to severe reactions upon receiving someone else’s blood. Moreover, human error accounts for patients receiving the wrong blood type during a transfusion, with often disastrous results.


    Experts in transfusion dispute the risks, saying they’re somewhat "overstated"; however, the concern seems to be growing. Safety, overall, is of continued concern, and it’s natural that it should spillover into the medical community. As a medical patent attorney, I notice a lot of medical and other trends in the news and in the form of patent applications that cross my desk.


    I believe this is a trend that will be here for some time. If you have a medical patent idea in this or any other area, feel free to contact me at my Florida patent law firm, John Rizvi, P.A., or at or 1-866-433-2288.

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