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Patent for Weight Loss Product Set to Enter U.S. Market

I have noticed a great deal of consumer interest in natural alternatives in a wide range of categories, most importantly food and beverages and health and beauty aids, leaving the patenting opportunities for holistic/natural ingredients wide open.

No Patenting Required for Pharmaceutical Breakthrough Drugs?

If you want to widen the landscape to give the little guys a chance, I'm all for it. But, give them their full due in the fruits of patent protection through which they can compete from a position of strength through proprietary control.

Avicena Receives Drug Patent

Acivena has announced the USPTO has granted a patent (#7,285,573) for use of their proprietary drug candidates to battle ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), otherwise known as Lou Gherig‘s disease. This patent joins an expanding portfolio of Acivena drugs for treating ALS, all aimed at slowing the disease’s progress and "improving the quality of life for patients."

Multiple Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Patents Soon to Expire

Consumers pay more for patented brand name drugs, because they simply feel they work better. This may be attributed to feeling that the companies behind the brand names have put more money in research against their versions to give them greater validity, the advertising that supports such drugs, or perhaps consumers believe the generic versions of a given drug has less of the critical ingredient.