Is America Losing the Patenting Race?

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The latest post in the McBru Blog poses this question. Quite surprising, given the fact that there is a huge surge in medical technology patents, and the Patent Office is being deluged with patent applications. An excerpt,

The latest worldwide patent report came out recently. It is a fascinating document. See if you can guess who files the most patents and wins by almost every measure (such as patent density, patents per R&D dollar, etc). Did you guess USA? Wrong. Did you guess China. Nope. It’s Japan.

When it comes to sizing up the Asian tigers, don’t count out Japan yet. Though its population is aging rapidly, its government barely able to govern due to voter backlash against its leadership, its ability to irk the Chinese by rewriting history, and the near-complete lack of opportunities for women, Japan is staying on top of the patent race. By almost any measure, Japan is exceeding all other nations in the world in patent filings, especially technical patents.

The problems at our end may be the huge number pending applications in the patent office, and the fact that errors and improper filings create continuous logjams. The solution is simple; increase awareness and inject a healthy dose of professionalism from the first step of the process. The kinks would be smoothened out automatically.

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