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Physician Patents Lawsuit Deterrance System and Method

Hats off to Philippa Kennealy, M.D., of The Entrepreneural MD blog for pointing out a patented system and method of reducing medical malpractice claims developed by neurosurgeon Jeffrey Segal, M.D., founder of Medical Justice.  Results of the patented technology are already in for Florida physicians according to the blog posting: The results speak for themselves – 10 to 15% of... Read More

Florida Medical Patent Explosion on the Horizon

As a Florida patent attorney, I try to keep an ear to the ground on new developments in Florida that are relevant to my practice of intellectual property in the state.  The potential increase in Florida’s biotech patenting activity is one such development. In a recent post in the BioHealth Investor, Florida is touted as one of the country’s next biotech hubs. According to the... Read More

Fort Lauderdale Based Diabetes Testing Product Manufacturer, Home Diagnostics, Inc. Successfully Defends Against Patent Infringement Litigation

As a Fort Lauderdale patent attorney, I closely follow patenting news relating to the medical device industry as we have several clients in this technology group.  Of particular interest is new patent infringment cases filed and their successful resolutions.  In this regard, I recently came across a press release by Ft. Lauderdale diabetes testing equipment and supply manufacturer, ... Read More