Will Medical Patent Turn Tobacco into a Hero?

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medical patent tobacco    Just when you thought tobacco had cemented its position as the world’s leading Bad Guy, the Central Tobacco Research Institute in southern India has secured patent rights for the extraction of solanesol. According to an article at Medindia.net, the institute extracts solanesol for its use in combating cancer and cardiac conditions?of all things. It’s interesting to consider which tobacco is more responsible for: causing cancer or curing it?


    Those knowledgeable about folk medicine say that tobacco has long been used for medicinal purposes of one sort or another. Apparently, they’re not the only ones who want to cash in on tobacco’s viability. Nanjing Huaguan Development Of Biotechnology Company in China is eagerly awaiting shipments of solanesol, as they export it to medical companies who use it in the synthesis of drugs to combat cancers, ulcers, and cardiac issues.


    For Florida inventors or inventors anywhere, for that matter, especially for those in the medical field, it might be an interesting exercise to think about alternative uses for ingredients, processes, ideas. Maybe by looking at something from an usual angle, we might come up with an insight or idea that leads to true innovation.

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