Your Simple Medical Idea Could Be Worth Millions!

John Rizvi describes simple medical ideas that made millions Tomorrow’s millionaires (and billionaires!) are not the ones with the most real estate, physical equipment or assets but the ones with the innovative ideas or what we eloquently call “Intellectual Property”. Think about well-known medical apps or software that you use such as Uber or Airbnb. Uber does not own any vehicles; Airbnb does not own any hotels. Yet both of these compani... Read More

New Amazon Best Seller: Escaping The Gray – When Launching Your Idea Full Throttle Is the Only Option

Escaping The Gray - Amazon Best Seller - By John Rizvi John Rizvi’s new book “Escaping The Gray – When Launching Your Idea Full Throttle Is the Only Option” has risen to the top of the best seller list on Amazon resonating with medical & dental inventors who have experienced the same heartaches and triumphs as they pursue their dreams in the face of naysayers and skeptics. And, it all begins with an idea… Inventors and e... Read More

Stem Cell Patent Awarded for Medical Device Recently Featured On National Geographic

Stem Cell Patent - SkinGun Both innovation and intellectual property protection are reflected in a recent stem cell patent awarded to RenovaCare for its SkinGun device which sprays an isolated concentration of stem cells from the patient’s own skin onto wounded areas of the body. This simple idea backed by stem cell research “allows victims of severe burns to heal in merely days” said the inventors of the medi... Read More

Rejoice, Medical Device Inventors, REJOICE: You Have Some Tax Relief!

Medical Device Tax Update Inventors and Entrepreneurs around America have welcomed the two-year suspension of the Medical Device Tax that will most likely increase R&D investments and job creation. This is a major milestone event in the medical device intellectual property arena that all inventors should be following, especially if you are in the early stages of seeking out venture capital to grow or market your idea. ... Read More

Why Inventors Should Focus on Nano-Tech in the Medical Device Sector

Nanotech medical device startups Opportunities exist for smaller entrepreneurs and inventors to partner with larger companies in the development of medical devices that incorporate nanotechnology, said a recent Frost & Sullivan report. Specifically, inventors should focus on high-growth medical device sectors such as wearables, point-of-care diagnostics, advanced wound care, and drug delivery systems, targeting conditions oth... Read More