4 Incredible Inventions in the Med Tech Industry that Sound Like Science Fiction

Some recent breakthroughs in medical technology are astounding. The firms that created these innovations are working in areas that seem like science fiction, yet these inventions are real. The products coming from these innovations are likely to change health care significantly. Here are a few of the most interesting recent developments in medical technology: Medication Delivery by Implants Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc. created a device for implantation under the skin that automatically delivers medication needed to control Type II diabetes. Human Tissues Printed by a 3-D Bioprinter Organovo has nine patent applications for the technology and methods of bioprinting living human tissues, such as liver tissue. The initial efforts of Organovo were to bioprint living human tissue that is useful when conducting pre-clinical trials of pharmaceuticals. This bioprinted tissue provides a better simulation of what may occur in the human body, which is superior to using mice models for pre-clinical trial testing. During 2015, Organovo partnered with L’Oreal on a project to bioprint human skin. In the future, Organovo plans to be able to print living 3-D human organs for transplantation. Bionic […]

Medical Device Patent News of the Week

Medical Device Patent News The latest news in medical device patents includes technological advances in cardiac care. Seimens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. has patented a new medical ultrasound pressure gradient measurement. This measurement is used to better serve cardiac specialists in quantifying and monitoring varying activities and anomalies of the heart. Additional strides have been made by Medtronic in supporting existing cardiac technology. The Patent Office recently approved their medical device patent for a passive charging system that is capable of using wireless systems to recharge the batteries of implanted medical devices. This allows patients with pacemakers and internal defibulators to recharge their implants with greater freedom. It is also expected to positively impact patients with other forms of internal electrical devices. Other companies are focusing on a different arena. Ulthera, Inc., a growing company in ultrasound technology, has been granted a medical device patent for their Ulthera System, which uses ultrasound engineering to treat hyperhidiosis, a condition characterized by […]

Medical Device Patent News of the Week

Recent medical patent approvals show that technology continues to advance and simplify healthcare. There is also proof that inventors, engineers, and companies are aware of growing health trends and concerns. These medical device patents reflect a forwarding thinking concern for both patients and physicians.   Sanovas, Inc., known for its work in micro-invasive technology, has obtained a patent on its nested balloon catheter. It is part of a treatment system that allows for diagnostic testing and therapeutic treatment. The catheter allows for a more localized delivery of drugs. This is particularly critical in cancer treatments due to the potential toxicity of chemotherapy tissues surrounding the tumors. The use of the Sanovas balloon catheter has the potential to positively change the treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases by limiting any additional harm to the patient.   Tissue Regneix Group responded to the rapidly growing number of patients with renal and coronary artery diseases with the development of its patented accellular […]

Medical Device Patent News for November 14

The latest advancements in the medical world include devices that are focused on invasive, internal uses of technology to limit surgical trauma and improve the function of implanted instruments. These accomplishments have recently received medical device patent approvals and are well on their way to changing the look of modern medicine.   Soulor Surgical, a collaboration of Dr. Roger Brecheen and engineer Jack Koehler, has obtained a medical patent approval for a surgical instrument they designed for use in noninvasive gynecological surgeries. The device was specifically created to be used in laparoscopic hysterectomies, which reduce the recovery time from weeks to days. The device is being used in clinical trials at Dr. Brecheen’s home of Powell Valley Healthcare, along with Harvard, Stanford and several other national universities. These trials are expected to lead to full approval from the Federal Drug Administration.    Titan Medical has also made surgical advancements with the patent approval of its robotic system for medical procedures. […]

Medical Device Patent News of the Week

Medical device patents continue to show the full range research and technology are having on modern medicine. The latest patent approvals include those that affect imaging, cancer fighting therapy, treatment of life threatening aneurysms and interbody devices. Positron Corporation has received medical device patent approval for their semiconductor detector. This medical device is used to map coordinates and detect ionization particles. It has multiple uses, particularly that involving medical imaging. This device is small, sturdy and requires low voltage, allowing it to bring down the cost of imaging procedures. Aethlon Medical, Inc. and its patented Extracorporeal Removal of Microvesicular Particles are hoping to make great strides in fighting cancer. This medical device removes immune suppressing particles that are secreted by cancerous tumors. These particles kill the body’s immune response, allowing the cancer to grow. This medical device is able to stop the production of these particles and allow the body to fight cancer growth, particularly during treatment. Sequent Medical, Inc., […]