The Patent-Innovation Circle of Progress

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The Patent Innovation Circle of Progress1A few days ago, I had drawn your attention to an article touting a surge in medical patents in the past few years.  According to the article in, about 100 medical-process patents are now being issued every month.

I also couldn’t help noticing how a couple of views quoted in the same article explained so clearly how patents and innovations complement each other –

"My business is booming," said patent lawyer Glen Belvis of Chicago’s Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, who credits technological advances for driving the medical-patent boom. "As a patent lawyer, I have a ton of great, innovative things that I can now protect."

Raciti (Patent Attorney) views such patents as essential to both inventors and the medical community. "What it does is it provides something for other companies to work around. The patent is out there. It’s wide open. The whole world looks at it and thinks, ‘How do I get around it?’ That inspires more creativity and more development," Raciti said.

So innovations lead to patents, and patents lead to innovations… Interesting point.

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