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Does “Leapfrog” Innovation Exist In The Medical Device Sector?

Medical Device Breakthroughs NO, concludes a recent report by Qmed, adding that it’s increasingly defined by incremental improvements from medical device companies hampered by financial constraints as hospitals downsize operations and request device discounts. “In the past, it was commonplace for device makers to charge substantially more money for new products that only had minor improvements over the previous-genera... Read More

How Medical Research Leads to New Patent Ideas

A new patent pending medical device – based on scientific research – proves even simple innovations to existing products can be very lucrative. Surgical masks haven’t changed too much since 1918. It was the year of the Spanish Flu pandemic, and surgeons adopted cotton gauze masks during surgery to protect themselves from patient diseases. The interest in masks as germ barriers wa... Read More

Join me at the Florida International Medical Exposition

As a Fort Lauderdale Patent Attorney, I have been fortunate enough to practice within a stone’s throw of the annual meeting location one of the most exciting and interesting expositions on medical and dental innovations in the united States, namely, the Florida International Medical Exposition or FIME for short. If you are a medical or dental device innovator, this is one tradeshow you DO NO... Read More

Auction to Sell Six (6) Florida Medical Patent Applications

Although my practice is national in scope, I take particular interest in Florida’s medical and dental patenting landscape.  Recently, I ran across an article regarding Accubreak Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ABP) of Plantation, Florida that caught my interest. Accubreak Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ABP) will action six medical patent applications through IPAuctions, Inc. according to an article... Read More

Patent Approved for Hythiam’s Alcohol Treatment Program

Interest in the mind-body connection in particular is a trend that has continued to grow over the last several years, and you can see this in patented products in virtually every category, including fitness, publishing, alternative health practices, the expansion of nutraceuticals into even our soda, etc.